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Apulia Hotels &Resort is the trademark combining a group of accommodation facilities born in Southern Italy and guided by common values and a shared vision. We believe in traditionfamily and Southern Italian habits. Every day we pay attention, responsibility and respect for people in every stage of our job and of their holiday.
You will always be welcome in Apulia Group’s properties  and you will at all times find smiles and helpfulness because here you are a guest and not just a mere customerWe love surprising those who choose us for their holidays pampering them with the classic Apulian-style cordiality and offering an invaluable experience in every hotel and occasion
Our mission is that of becoming the first hospitality chain across Southern Italy by designing authentic experiences and making a positive contribution for the communities where we operate. Our core values are hospitality, integrity, teamwork, readiness, reliability and humility. 
Moreover, all our properties comply with a Guide that sets procedures and quality standards which are mandatorily respected in every property and consistent with our brand’s importance.
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There are secret packages that we reserve only to our members.
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