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Throughout the day and for all age groups: our hotel’s entertainment program is designed to meet tastes and needs of adults and kids. Several activities are offered such as sports, games, workshops, baby dance and evening shows.
Here you will find:
  • Sports activities (tango school, hip-hop, lessons, beach tennis courses and football school)
  • Save the Earth Project (eco-friendly day, theme shows, creative eco-friendly workshops, botanical garden with harvest for kids)
  • School of Circus with fire show and monthly juggling
  • Theatre Project and Guest Show, where guests turn into the protagonists of our monthly shows.

apuliacorigliano en entertainment 010Children’s entertainment, led by our mascot Rino, is dedicated to kids aged from 4 to 11 years. This helps us propose varying programs following a common thread according to everyone’s tastes, abilities and attitudes. The entertainment runs non-stop every day, between 9:30 am to 11 pm with lunch and dinner together with Rino’s Brigade. 
Babies may take part in easy and social games while slightly older kids may engage in harder games and those who are even older may participate in more elaborate activities such as treasure hunts, sports courses, beachside matches and a lot more … find them out with us.
We will engage all kids even in leisure and recreational activities such as the construction of a puppet theatre, an evening at the discotheque, a survival day for older kids staying a night in tent, taking part in role-playing games, cooking courses, artisanal and theatrical workshops as well as dancing courses.
Furthermore, every evening the Mini Club ends its program with Baby Dance and Mini Show, dedicated to cartoons characters and best known movies including Lion King, Ballerina, Mary Poppins, Romeo and Juliet, Quidam, Elements and the musical Mamma Mia!
  • Children’s Card customized with every information to make mum and dad feel safe
  • Rino Stuzzichino, a tasteful surprise for all kids as a new day begins
  • Afternoon’s break with sweet and savory snacks prepared by our chefs
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